agrossAssociate Professor

Primary Department Affiliation
: Vision Sciences

Phone: 205.975.8396
Fax: 205.934.5725

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The research interests of the Gross Lab are mainly focused on the GPCR rhodopsin-mediated retinal degenerations and molecular mechanisms of photoreceptor membrane biogenesis; in particular, the molecular interactions necessary for formation of healthy photoreceptors. Studies are currently focused on understanding those interactions that are defective when rhodopsin lacks the proper structure at its carboxy-terminus, as is the case in several of most forms of the blinding disease autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa. Knock-in mice and transgenic Xenopus laevis bearing rhodopsin carboxy-terminal mutations are being used and new ones constructed to aid in the detection of binding partners to the C-terminus of rhodopsin implicated in rhodopsin trafficking.

Research Focus: GPCR trafficking and neuronal degeneration

Research Interests: Rhodopsin-mediated retinal degenerations, protein-protein interactions, cellular development

Secondary Appointments: Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Neurobiology

Lab MembersDr. Xiaogang Cheng, Research Associate; T.J. Hollingsworth, Vision Science Graduate Student; Joshua Sammons, Cell Molecular Biology Graduate Student, Nicholas Reish, MSTP/ Neurobiology Graduate Student