Primary Department Affiliation
: Vision Sciences
Primary Research Area: Systems Neuroscience and Vision

Phone: 205.934.0322
Fax: 205.934.5725

Recent Publications


Research Interests
My research is concerned with investigating how the brain controls eye movements. In particular we are studying the neural control of vergence, accommodation, and pupil diameter. Despite their clinical relevance, comparatively little is known about how these particular eye movements are controlled by the brain. In my laboratory, we use electrophysiological, behavioral, and neuroanatomical techniques to investigate this question. Our studies will provide essential information as to the way in which the brain controls these specific types of movements. More generally these studies should yield general insights into the neural control of all types of movements.

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Paul D.R. Gamlin, Professor and Chair of the Department of Vision Sciences and Senior Scientist in the Vision Science Research Center (VSRC), received his undergraduate training in zoology at University of Cambridge, England (B.A. 1978). He completed his doctoral studies in Neurobiology and Behavior at the State University of New York at Stony Brook (Ph.D. 1984). Following this, he continued his research training with Dr. Lawrence E. Mays in the Department of Vision Sciences at UAB. Dr. Gamlin was director of the VSRC, 1995-1999. He enjoys photography and walking.