Faculty Mentors
Recent mentors are listed on the program home page.  For more information about individual faculty member research interests that may match your own, please visit the Neurobiology Faculty page and visit lab webpages.

The Research Project
The most important factors in selecting a project are enthusiasm for the project itself and for working with the mentor. Some of the techniques a student might learn include: cell culture, electrophoresis, chromatography, immunoassays, animal surgery, electrophysiology, neurochemical assays, and protein and nucleic acid molecular biology. SPIN is not "just a summer job;" a project should have significant intellectual and creative content.

Specific Program Goals
SPIN exposes its participants to the culture and issues of research: it is a "sneak preview" into a world that many students do not experience as undergraduates. SPIN offers hands-on research experience, and:

  • Can help a student determine if he/she is truly interested in neuroscience research;
  • Can help a student decide what field of research he/she would like to pursue;
  • Can allow a student to have an insider's look at UAB (to which some students will apply for graduate or medical school);
  • Can help a student become a more desirable candidate for graduate school and medical school search committees;
  • Can help a student meet and interact with individuals attending other universities, perhaps leading to valuable long-term contacts;
  • Can expose students to mentors who may have a strong impact on the student's future academic development;
  • Allows students to work in a research area that could eventually become their thesis topic;
  • Allows students exposure to all aspects of research, including planning experiments, managing their time, writing up their results, and presenting their work;
  • Exposes participants to the ethical issues of research;
  • Helps students understand the rights and responsibilities of individuals at different levels of seniority in the research environment; and,
  • Gives students a chance to experience some of the diversity of the large field of neuroscience.

For additional information contact:

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