jhablitzProfessor and Neurobiology Vice Chair

Primary Department Affiliation
: Neurobiology
Primary Research Area: Neurodevelopment and Developmental Disabilities
Ion Channels and Synaptic Function

Email: jhablitz@uab.edu
Phone: 205.934.0742
Fax: 205.934.6571

Recent Publications

Cellular Mechanisms of Neurotransmission

Dr. Hablitz is using studies on synaptic transmission to further understand basic biophysical properties of mammalian central neurons, as well as to explore the pathophysiology of experimental epilepsy.

Electrophysiological techniques, including whole-cell voltage-clamp recordings from visually identified neurons, are used in in vitro brain slice preparations. The goal of these studies is to determine the types of synaptic interactions present among pyramidal cells and interneurons in neocortex and how these patterns change during development.

Additional studies involve the use of optical recording techniques and voltage-sensitive dyes. These studies examine the spatial and temporal extent of cortical circuit activation in normal neocortex and an animal model of cortical dysplasia.

John Hablitz received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Houston in 1972. Following an Associate Professor position at Baylor College of Medicine, he joined UAB in 1989. He is presently Professor of Neurobiology.

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