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Irwin Completes Internship

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Karleigh Irwin, an incoming junior high-school student in the Alabama School of Math and Science in Mobile, has done her summer internship in the Parpura laboratory under the direct guidance of Vladimir Grubišić, a graduate student in Neurobiology program. Karleigh has investigated the morphological appearance of astrocytes based on their dual expression of two genetically encoded and spectrally compatible
fluorescent probes, one that is membrane bound (green; Lck1-26-EGFP) and the other that assumes the cytoplasmic location (red; mRFP) (see overlay picture).   In order to achieve this goal, Karleigh has learned how to amplify cDNA, transfect primary astrocytes in culture and image live cells using fluorescence microscopy. In addition to this, Karleigh also monitored the intracellular calcium dynamics in astrocytes and C2C12 cells using the genetically encoded calcium indicator, R-Camp1h. Karleigh presented her results in the talk entitled “Morphology of astrocytes, calcium buffering” on July 24, 2013. The work and talk were very well received by the audience, consisting of the Parpura  research group and guests.

CNC Retreat Registration

Registration is open until August 20 for the Comprehensive Neuroscience Center's retreat to be held on September 5-6, 2013 at the Alabama 4H Center in Columbiana. 

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Robel Recipient of Award

Dr. Stefanie Robel has been selected as a recipient of an American Brain Tumor Association Basic Research Fellowship. Based upon the recommendations from the Scientific Advisory Council, the Board of Directors of the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) awarded Dr. Robel a two-year Fellowship for research on the role of reactive astrocytes in tumor-associated epilepsy.

Stefanie is a member of the Sontheimer Lab in the Department of Neurobiology.

Congratulations Stefanie!

SPIN 2013

SPIN 2013 is now underway.  The Department of Neurobiology’s Summer Program in Neuroscience runs from June 3-July 26. This year SPIN welcomes students to UAB from 7 universities across the country.  This year’s class is Krista Hoevemeyer, Jennifer Mohn, Jinwoo Hur, John Shula, Kyle Decker, Ashley Hagerty, Rachel Ewalt, and Davis Haselden.  SPIN is an 8 week program providing students with an intensive basic science research opportunity as well as professional development training.   2013 SPIN students are being hosted by the Sweatt, Lubin, DeSilva, Visscher, Pozzo-Miller, Theibert, and King labs, please join us in welcoming these young scientists to UAB!

SPIN 2013

Wadiche's Study Published in Neuron

Newly understood circuits...

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Highlights - McKnight Inter-institutional Meeting

The Sixth McKnight Inter-institutional Meeting was held on April 24-26, 2013 in Birmingham, Alabama. The three day event was attended by the trustees from the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Foundation along with researchers from The University of Alabama at Birmingham, The University of Arizona, The University of Florida, and The University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. Nineteen scientific presentations and numerous discussions were held. The meeting ended with future collaborations planned, old friendships renewed and new friendships beginning.
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