Contact the ADC

Alzheimer’s Disease Center:

            For information, call (205) 99MEMRY (996-3679)

Mailing Address:

            The UAB Alzheimer’s Disease Center
            Sparks Center
            1720 Seventh Avenue South, Suite 620B
            Birmingham, Alabama 35294-0017
            Telephone:  (205) 996-3679
            Fax:  (205) 975-7365

Neuropsychology Patient Scheduling:

            Telephone:  (205) 934-2334
            Fax:  (205) 975-3094

General Neurology Patient Scheduling:

            UAB Neurology Scheduling
            The Kirklin Clinic
            2000 Sixth Avenue South, Fifth Floor
            Birmingham, Alabama 35233
            Telephone:  (205) 801-8986
            Fax:  (205) 801-7541

Research Information:

            For participation or other information, please call (205) 996-3679


            For more details about how to make a donation to the Alzheimer’s Disease
            Center, visit the “Support the ADC” web page.