The Neuropathology rotation, usually completed during the PGY-4 year, allows neurology residents to become very familiar with gross and histological neuroanatomy and neuropathology. During this rotation, you will directly participate in the interpretation of all neuropathological specimens.

All five of the neuropathology attendings are excellent teachers. Dr. Kevin Roth, the Neuropathology Division Director, gives several one-on-one neuropathology lectures during the course of the month. One of the neuropathology attendings, Dr. Cheryl Palmer, is double-boarded in neuropathology and neurology, and also attends on the neurology consult service every year. She is invaluable in the correlation of clinical findings with pathology.

Another interesting feature of the neuropathology rotation is brain-cutting conference. Every Tuesday at 11:00, many residents and medical students meet Dr. Richard Powers for brain cutting. Dr. Powers, a geriatric psychiatrist and neuropathologist with a special interest in psychoneurobiology, examines fixed brain and spinal cord specimens while pointing out subtle and not-so-subtle clinicopathologic correlations. In addition, he is an Attending in the Memory Disorders Clinic in the Department of Neurology.

In addition to the usual didactic lectures, conferences, and continuity clinics that all neurology residents attend, you also have the opportunity to attend other pathological conferences during this rotation, including Neurooncology Tumor Board and Neuropathology Consultant’s Conference.

Keep your pager on! You will get paged to the OR to interpret fresh biopsy specimens with the neuropathology fellow and attending, in order to make an instant preliminary diagnosis for the neurosurgeon while the patient is in the OR suite. This is especially important during the resection of brain tumors.