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After Hours and Emergencies

If you are having a medical emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. If you need to speak with a neurosurgeon after hours, call UAB Paging at 205-934-3411 and ask that the neurosurgery resident on-call be paged.

Adult Providers Main Office: 205-934-7170
James M. Markert, MD, MPH, Director 205-975-6985
M. Renee Chambers, DVM, MD 205-481-7938
John P. Deveikis, MD 205-996-2536 
Winfield S. Fisher, III, MD 205-934-1430
Barton L. Guthrie, MD 205-934-8136
Mark N. Hadley, MD, FACS 205-934-1439
Mark R. Harrigan, MD 205-996-2536
Mamerhi O. Okor, MD 205-996-7356
Patrick R. Pritchard, MD 205-996-4556
Kristen O. Riley, MD 205-996-2461

Pediatric Providers Main Office: 205-638-9653
W. Jerry Oakes, MD 205-638-9653
Jeffrey P. Blount, MD 205-638-9653
James M. Johnston, Jr., MD 205-638-9653
Curtis J. Rozzelle, MD 205-638-9653