MMortazavi-105x150Martin M. Mortazavi is a native of Stockholm, Sweden. Martin obtained his medical degree from Karolinska Institute School of Medicine - one of Europe's largest and most distinguished medical schools. He completed an orthopedic surgical residency at Karolinska University Hospital with one year of enfolded spine-fellowship. He also has a postgraduate degree in Sports Medicine from Sweden's Umeå University.

After completing his orthopedic residency, Martin conducted a year and a half of post-graduate research on spinal cord trauma and regeneration at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. Acknowledging his outstanding research in neuronal regeneration, Dr. Mortazavi was awarded the 2009 AANS/CNS spinal cord award.

Martin is pursuing postgraduate training in neurological surgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The focus of his interests is on neuronal regeneration, vascular neurosurgery and neuroanatomy. His clinical interest is neurovascular and skull- based surgery. A featured speaker, he has given numerous presentations throughout the United States and Europe. Dr. Mortazavi has authored and co-authored more than 80 publications, editorials and book chapters.

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