TWhisenhunt-105x150Thomas Whisenhunt completed an undergraduate degree in Cell Biology from San Diego State University and a Master of Science in Molecular Biology at the University of California at San Diego. Dr. Whisenhunt received his Doctor of Medicine in conjunction with a Doctor of Philosophy in Cellular Biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

As a child, he loved science and - since the age of seven - knew he wanted to be a surgeon. Tom honed his focus on neurosurgery as a specialty during his first year of medical school. As an undergraduate, Tom became interested in DNA transcription and the regulatory role of gene expression in development and disease. During the course of his PhD research, he studied O-Glycosylation as a transcriptional regulator. His foremost goal is to explore the stress response pathway and methods of modifying this phenomenon so that ultimately, patients' outcomes are improved.

Dr. Whisenhunt is currently completing his neurosurgical training as a resident, and, in the course of his elective work, has returned to the laboratory. His ongoing research evaluates specific disease processes in animal models in preparation for conducting future clinical trials.

In summary, his discoveries in the lab are applicable in several different diseases in which ischemia and/or trauma affect the nervous system. Once these basic studies are completed, Dr. Whisenhunt will be prepared to initiate and carry out clinical trials that will give patients and their families hope for a better future.

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