Joseph Miller, MD

MillerJoseph ("Jody") Miller, a native of Birmingham, Alabama, holds a B.S. from Samford University and a M.D. from the University Of Alabama Birmingham School Of Medicine. Dr. Miller is currently a second year resident in Neurological Surgery at UAB. His varied research interests in both adult and pediatric neurosurgical populations include epilepsy, vascular, trauma, and spine. Dr. Miller has published anatomical papers on the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve and surgical approaches to the amygdala. He also has a paper currently in submission looking at the inter-rater reliability of imaging modalities that aim to improve the surgical outcomes in epilepsy patients.

Ongoing research projects revolve around the X STOP ® Interspinous Process Decompression System, subdural grids in pediatric epilepsy patients, pediatric cerebral venous thrombosis, stereotactic radiosurgery for large arteriovenous malformations, the utility of routine imaging in spina bifida patients with shunted hydrocephalus, and closed head injuries in athletes.

Dr. Miller is happily married and the proud parent of two sons. He and his wife enjoy sailing a 1979 Catalina 22' that they rebuilt. He also enjoys rock climbing in the many canyons that stretch through Northeast Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. His other interests include skiing, mountain biking, salt-water fly-fishing, hunting, playing golf, and running. He also maintains a website that provides free, clinically relevant materials designed to enhance neurosurgical resident education.