Surgery and radiosurgery are common treatments for the diagnosis of brain tumors, pituitary tumors, and skull-base tumors. The Department of Neurosurgery at UAB works closely with a multidisciplinary team of UAB surgeons, neurologists, oncologists and radiation-oncologists with world-renowned expertise in treating these tumors. Patients receive highly specialized care, customized to their condition. Make An Appointment

The UAB Approach

Once under our care, your neurosurgeon will confer with the multidisciplinary brain tumor/neuro-oncology team, to determine the best short-term and long- term strategy for your treatment. We employ the most scientifically advanced techniques such as intraoperative, precision image-guided navigation systems and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), functional brain mapping, radiosurgery, minimally invasive neurosurgery, and awake intraoperative functional mapping. Our team of neurosurgeons has pioneered and fostered neuroimaging, neurosurgical treatment options, clinical translational research, and innovative clinical trials for the treatment and management of brain tumors.

UAB Brain Tumor SpecialistsBrain Specialists 1

James M. Markert, MD

Barton L. Guthrie, MD

Winfield S. Fisher, III, MD

M.R. Chambers, MD

Kristen O. Riley, MD

UAB offers world-renowned specialists in the care of surgical brain tumors. Our neurosurgeons are board-certified or board-eligible, and are active contributors to the cutting-edge of brain tumor therapy, nationally. All neurosurgeons are currently accepting patients.

For Important Information on Brain Tumor Treatments :

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UAB brain tumor neurosurgeons are currently accepting new patients. Referrals are made through your primary care physician (PCP), who will coordinate the transfer of medical records and imaging studies. Our staff will work with you to schedule an appointment in a timely manner.