A portrait by artist Jay Wesley Jacobs of James Somerville McLester, M.D., LLD, was unveiled Jan. 18 in the main lobby of the UAB Community Health Services Building, the site where McLester’s primary care-focused practice formerly stood.
Philanthropic support has enabled the UAB Department of Neurology to make huge strides in knowledge of diseases such as Parkinson’s.
Caulfield joined the Department of Pathology in the UAB School of Medicine and the School of Dentistry in 1984, recruited for his interest in cardiovascular diseases and teaching.  He stayed at UAB for 20 years, focusing his career on both clinical research and patient care.
Neurosurgery residents often spend 80 hours a week performing operations and patient consults, attending rounds, and answering late-night pages. But last year, the UAB Department of Neurosurgery’s 15 residents also managed to publish 75 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals.
The legacy of Tinsley R. Harrison, M.D., extends far beyond the bust of his likeness displayed in front of the building bearing his name on University Boulevard.
The JCMS directed its gifts toward the principal of its endowed scholarship as well as a sponsored scholarship, enabling five students to receive support for the 2013-14 year while making an investment in generations of future students.
William B. Deal, M.D., made a lasting impact on the School of Medicine as its dean from 1997 to 2004, laying the groundwork for its current and future growth.
William W. Featheringill knew a thing or two about building successful health-care enterprises in Alabama, and he always considered UAB to be a good investment.
Doris Sturgis Phillips, M.D., was one of only four women admitted to the School of Medicine Class of 1950, and she immediately faced a challenge familiar to many students today: finding the funds to support her goal of becoming a physician. She's now established a need-based scholarship to help Alabama students pay for their medical education.
Mitchell Cohen, M.D., a national leader in pediatric medicine and an internationally renowned specialist in children’s digestive disorders, is the new chair of the Department of Pediatrics and physician-in-chief of Children’s of Alabama.
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