A new Administrative Services Organization will allow for a more coordinated and efficient operation of Human Resources, Facilities, Parking and Transportation, and Police departments across all of UAB Medicine and UAB.
Reid Jones named COO of UAB Medicine to manage Health System Information Services, Inpatient, Ambulatory, Support Services and a new Revenue Cycle Component.
The new Quality structure includes the formation of new positions, programs and initiatives.
Kenneth Sloan, Ph.D., operator of UAB's 3-D Print Lab, said 3-D printing will have a role in regenerative medicine and medical research.
The city has been featured nationally as an up-and-coming city for its economy, city parks, entertainment, food and more.
The Division of Neurosurgery will become the Department on Oct. 1, 2013, elevating the profile of an already world-renowned program.

In this preliminary analysis, the first human study treatment neither built up in organs nor destroyed the bone marrow’s ability to make blood cells.
Weight-loss researcher hopes to prove brief but intensive follow-up care bolsters dieters’ motivation and prevents relapse.