The General Endowment Fund of the UA Health Services Foundation has announced its annual faculty grants, awarding over $1.5 million to UAB faculty for projects in clinical care, patient research, medical education and laboratory research. 
The UAB Chapter of the American Medical Women’s Association continued its roster of activities dealing with issues relevant to women in medicine and science with its October meeting, which featured a panel discussion on “Demystifying Promotion.” 
Priming the body to respond to immunotherapy with a new class of drugs: epigenetic modifiers.
UAB is one of 13 universities participating in a summer learning experience in health care for students underrepresented in the health professions.
UAB researchers hope to establish Cialis as a therapeutic agent for pregnant women exposed to chlorine and bromine during industrial accidents or acts of terrorism.
A new national, multisite study, chaired by a UAB pulmonologist, shows that supplemental oxygen does not reduce mortality or hospitalization for COPD patients with moderately low levels of blood oxygen.
This study of cockroach-induced asthma and Enterobacter mirrors previous studies with fungus- and house dust mite-induced asthma, where neonatal vaccination with bacteria suppressed adult asthma.
Finding your way around UAB Hospital and clinics will get easier with the addition of a new GPS-based, indoor wayfinding mobile app set to debut next summer.