An endowment is a long-term investment in the UAB Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, providing support year after year, generation after generation.  The principal of your gift is invested and grows over time, while distributions provide a steady source of income to the Department.

It also provides an opportunity to have your name or the name of a loved one linked to an area in which you have a special interest. By creating an endowed gift, you can be confident that it will grow and continue to support the mission of the Department for years to come.

You can start an endowment that supports:

·         Research endeavors

·         Education and training programs

·         Professorships, lectureships and chairs

·         Unrestricted use

Named Endowments at UAB

Endowed Chair - $1,500,000
This type of endowment is among the most prestigious and meaningful gifts that can be made to, or accepted by, an academic institution. An endowed chair may provide full salary or a salary supplement and fringe benefits for the recipient and support staff or other expenses as the endowment agreement permits. The holder may also use the honorary title associated with the chair.

Endowed Professorship - $500,000
This type of endowment provides income that may be used for a portion of the salary and fringe benefits of the holder, who may also use the honorary title associated with the professorship.

Endowed Lectureship - $75,000
An endowed lectureship is used to bring a distinguished scholar to the Center each year to lecture on a particular subject or in a specific discipline.

Endowed Program Support Fund - $25,000
An endowed program support fund may be used to provide for prizes or awards, to support seminars or other educational activities, to purchase equipment or much needed supplies for the program, or for other expenses as the endowment agreement permits.