Driving Assessment Clinic

Do you have concerns about the driving ability of a family member, a friend, a patient, or yourself?

The UAB Driving Assessment Clinic (DAC) can conduct an in-depth evaluation of driving fitness.

Participants may receive in-clinic and on-road assessments that evaluate visual, physical, and cognitive driving ability.

We welcome referrals from physicians, other health care providers, concerned family members, as well as self-referrals. As with all medical assessments, the results are confidential and are only provided to the patient or others designated in writing by the patient.

Assessments were developed from comprehensive research by UAB researchers that identified crash risk factors. Certified driving specialists conduct assessments, which are personalized to the unique needs of each participant.

Cost starts at $230 for the in-clinic assessment. If patients pass the in-clinic portion they will participate in the on-road assessment, which is an additional $200 for a total cost of $430. Currently, most health insurance plans do not cover driver assessment and rehabilitation services, however in some circumstances, vocational rehabilitation services and a few other types of third party insurers do.

How a Driving Assessment Clinic Visit Works

At the DAC each patient receives a comprehensive evaluation that can involve both in-clinic and on-road assessments. Evaluations are done in a relaxed atmosphere by an occupational therapist, who is also certified driving rehabilitation specialist.

The in-clinic assessment includes:

  • Vision screening
  • Knowledge about the "rules of the road"
  • Interviews that address driving habits and needs
  • Attention and cognitive evaluations targeted at important driving skills

The on-road assessment includes:

  • Patients go on the road in real traffic situations with the driving specialist in a specially equipped clinic vehicle.

This component is offered to those patients who meet the minimum requirements from the in-clinic assessment.

We also provide counseling on alternative transportation services as needed.

Contact Us

For appointments or more information, call the UAB Driving Assessment Clinic at (205) 325-8646. We are located in the Callahan Eye Hospital, 700 S. 18th Street, Birmingham, Alabama in Suite 405 (4th floor).