The UAB HIV Palliative Care Clinic is a subspecialty clinic with the focus on improved quality of life, including comprehensive pain and symptom management as well as guidance with advance care planning issues and hospice care when appropriate.  

It is staffed on Tuesday mornings  and is led by Jessica Merlin, MD, MBA.  The clinic serves as a clinical care site for patients specifically with a diagnosis of HIV or AIDS.   

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It is an interdisciplinary clinic that is staffed by Palliative Care physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants as well as a training site for fellows in Palliative Care.  Other disciplines are on site during each session including physical therapy, social service, pharmacy, pastoral care, and substance abuse counselors.  Subspecialists in Infectious Disease, Oncology, Psychiatry, Nephrology, and Neurology  also  participate in the overall care team in  what is truly a medical home for patients in the UAB Health System with HIV or AIDS.  An active research component is also a part of this dynamic clinic as well as a Patient Advisory Board comprised of patients within the clinic.


The clinic is housed within the UAB HIV/AIDS Treatment Clinic in the Community Care Building at UAB, located at 930 20th Street South. 


Referral to the HIV Palliative Care Clinic may be made by the treating Infectious Disease Specialist.

For more information

Call the UAB HIV/AIDS (1917) Clinic at  205.934.1917