As a volunteer at the Center for Palliative and Supportive Care, you become an integral part of this mission by providing comfort and companionship that only a volunteer can provide. Each person brings a special set of gifts and talents that truly enhances the care we provide.

Whether you prefer to work directly with patients or play an important role in the background, there are always enough volunteer opportunities at the Center. They include:

  • Visiting with patients and families
  • Reading to patients
  • Creating art projects with family members
  • Recruiting organizations to help stock the snack pantry
  • Helping with birthday celebrations
  • Working with special events, and
  • Office support

To become a volunteer at the Center, you will first need to contact UAB Volunteer Services at 205.934.4270 and complete an application with UAB Hospital. After the initial application and interview with Volunteer Services, you will then complete an orientation with us at the UAB Palliative and Comfort Care Unit.

For more information about volunteering with us, please contact Jackie Palmore at or 205.975.0826.

See the 2016 Volunteer Report for additional information.