The UAB Geriatric Education Center is sponsored by the Health Resources and Services Administration and affiliated with the Center for Aging (CFA), the Center for Translational Research on Aging and Mobility, Southeast Center of Excellence in Geriatric Medicine, School of Medicine, and the Birmingham/Atlanta VA GRECC.


The UAB GEC focuses on improving the healthcare quality for older adults by training healthcare professionals in the care of the complex older adult with a specific focus on 1) advanced illness and palliative care; 2) transitions in care; 3) family systems and self/caregiver management; and 4) communication skills addressing cultural aspects of aging and health literacy. The UAB GEC will provide comprehensive interprofessional training to healthcare providers in dentistry, medicine, nursing, nutrition, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, and social work. The UAB GEC serves as the educational arm of the UAB CFA, and sponsors/co-sponsors interdisciplinary and discipline-specific educational programs for faculty, practitioners, and students from multiple health care professional disciplines. The UAB GEC also supports educational programs for older adults and community-based programs.


  • Faculty Scholars Program (FSP), a 160-hour faculty development program, supports the training and retraining of faculty and preceptors in geriatric topics (themes). Open to faculty members from across the State of Alabama, this program is targeted to improve healthcare quality in the following areas: advanced illness, care coordination, frailty, medication management, palliative care, patient safety, and symptom management. FSP scholars will learn geriatric content emphasizing health literacy and cultural competency issues. This program provides the training necessary to incorporate culturally and linguistically sensitive geriatric principles into the scholar's coursework and clinical programs.
  • Geriatric Noon Lecture Series with Family Medicine is held every other month on the 3rd Wednesday. Channing R. Ford, MPA, MA, and Gwen Williams are the coordinators.
  • Geriatric Scholar Program is an interactive faculty development program for nurses. A year long experience, each scholar completes a total of 12 hours hands-on clinical experience with an additional 28 hours of web-based material. Kellie Flood, MD and Linda Jones, MN, CRNP, DNP are the coordinators.
  • Interdisciplinary Team Training Program is an interdisciplinary activity for students and trainees from dentistry, medicine, nursing, nutrition, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy and social work. This experience allows students/trainees to work as a team in developing a care plan for an older adult.
  • Interprofessional Clinical Experience provides students/trainees from dentistry, medicine, occupational therapy, optometry and social work, with a clinical training experience working with older adults across settings of care.

Opportunities for Faculty Involvement:

Faculty interested in providing leadership for development of geriatric educational programs or in participating in established programs are needed.

Primary Contact Person:
Peter Bosworth, M.B.A.
Department of Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine
Community Health Services Building
201 CH19
Birmingham, Alabama
(tel) (205) 934-9261
(fax) (205) 934-7354

GEC Leaders and Key Staff:

  • Cynthia J. Brown, MD, MSPH., Director
  • Elizabeth Kvale, MD, Associate Director, Evidence-Based Practice
  • Angela Rothrock, PhD., Associate Director, Program Management
  • Patricia Sawyer, PhD, Associate Director, Evaluation
  • Peter Bosworth, MBA, Administrator