1. Letter to a Man in the Fire: Does God Exist and Does He Care?
    by Reynolds Price (Tutor: Amos Bailey)
  2. Man's Search for Meaning
    by Victor Frankel (Tutor: Amos Bailey, others)
  3. Tuesdays with Morrie
    by Mitch Albom (Tutor: Beverly Williams, others)

Please select any one of the three books and pick up a copy from Dr. Amos Bailey's office on Safe Harbor. Please read your selection and then select and contact one of the tutors listed above to set up a time to discuss your book.

Movies and Palliative Care

Film is a medium that can help us explore many of the issues related to living with life-limiting illness. We have a collection of films that you can choose from. You may check the DVDs out of Dr. Amos Bailey's office and view them at home. The Palliative Medicine staff is available to discuss these films. Please see the attached list for available films. Or suggest a film yourself. Please note that this is intended as a resource to explore related topics, but students are not required to watch or report on any of these movie selections.

Your evaluation/grade will be held until any checked out movies are returned.