Medical Student Selective

Selective for Medical Students

The goal of the Cytopathology rotation is to introduce students to diagnostic cytopathology. During the rotation the students will be introduced to the laboratory operation from accession of specimen to sign-out to post-sign-out issues such as quality control and histology-cytology correlation. The student is expected to be able to appropriately order cytologic tests, be familiar with diagnostic jargon and concepts in cytopathology which includes: 1- Specimen preparation: the student will gain knowledge about specimen’s preparation for appropriate cytologic interpretation. 2. Review and sign-out of daily cases:   all abnormal gynecologic cases and all non-gynecologic cases in the assigned hospital will be reviewed with the fellow/resident. Final discussion and sign out with the faculty will follow on a multi-headed scope. 3. Tutorials with faculty or the fellow: the student is encouraged to review with the faculty and/or the fellow a set of unique cases that has been archived in our laboratory over the past years. 4. FNA: the students are encouraged to attend fine needle aspiration procedure (FNA) and observe how it is performed and how pathologists interacts with patients and physicians. 5. Conferences:   the student is expected to attend all anatomic pathology conferences, particularly the weekly cytology conference held on Thursday 8:00-9:00 and the Colpo clinic conference and breast conference. 6. Research:  the student is welcome to participate in ongoing research projects and to develop their own ideas. This may vary with the interest and may include case reports or short studies.

Evaluation is based on attendance of various activities and case presentation. The student will also be given evaluation forms for the selective evaluation.

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