Informatics is the study of application of computer and statistical techniques to the management of information.


The newly created Division of Informatics (Jan 2011) of the Dept of Pathology pursues computational research and tool development to integrate biomolecular and clinical data and advance personalized medicine. Accordingly, collaborative research is configured to involve computational statisticians and clinical researchers. The resources developed and maintained at the division to support this research range from novel integrative algorithms and the corresponding software libraries to novel integrative computational infrastructure.


Faculty Position
Kevin A. Roth, MD, PhD Professor, Interim Director
Malay K. Basu, PhD Assistant Professor
Emidio Capriotti, PhD Assistant Professor
Seung L Park, MD Assistant Professor
James Robinson Hackney, MD Assistant Professor


Post-doctoral Position
Benjamin Hill, MD Clinical Resident
David Robbins, PhD Research Associate
Rui Tian, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow


Graduate Students Research
Alexander Gr√ľneberg Analysis systems, The Cancer Genome Atlas
Sean Wilkinson Distributed Computing
Alex Dussaq Kinomics
Miria Coelho Family History


Technical Staff Title
Egiebade (Bade) Iriabho, MS System Administrator III
Adrian Flannery Informatics Analyst I


Administrative Staff Title
Gina Heaton Administrative Supervisor
Donna W Knight Administrative Associate


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