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Pathology's Division of Molecular and Cellular Pathology has 16 full-time faculty members with a diverse range of interests encompassing bone metabolism, free radical biology, cardiovascular biology, cancer metastasis and gene therapy.  The research seeks to determine the molecular events that lead to change in cell function during the pathophysiology of disease.  The Division's graduate program is one of the largest Pathology Ph.D programs in the country with over 60 students and plays a key role in the UAB Program in Integrative Biomedical Sciences and the development of the new graduate program.  The objective of training is to integrate principles of biochemistry and molecular biology with those of physiology, pathophysiology, and therapy in the context of a cutting-edge research environment. 

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Director: John C Chatham, D.Phil

Anderson, Peter G Professor
Bailey, Shannon M Associate Professor
Ballinger, Scott Professor
Bishop, Sanford Professor Emeritus
Brown, Elizabeth E Professor
Chatham, John C Professor
Chen, Wei Associate Professor
Chen, Yabing Professor
Darley-Usmar. Victor Professor
Feng, Xu Associate Professor
Hel, Zdenek Associate Professor
Hurst, Doug R Assistant Professor
Landar, Aimee Assistant Professor
Li, Yi-Ping Professor
Maynard, Craig L Instructor
Messina, Joseph L Professor
Murphy-Ullrich, Joanne Professor
Namakkal-Soorappan, Rajeskaran Assistant Professor
Patel, Rakesh Professor
Ponnazhagan, Selvarangan Professor
Purushothaman, Anurag Instructor
Ramani, Vishnu Prakash C Instructor
Samant, Rajeev S. Associate Professor
Sanderson, Ralph D. Professor
Shacka, John J. Assistant Professor
Shevde-Samant, Lalita R. Associate Professor
Varambally, Sooryanarayana Associate Professor
Wende, Adam Assistant Professor
Yang, Yang Associate Professor
Zhang, Jianhua Associate Professor
Zayzafoon, Majd Associate Professor

Support Staff Name/Email Title
Cynthia D Brown Administrative Supervisor
Laura Baker Office Associate II
Susan Cleary Administrative Associate
Kathy Cornelius Office Associate II
Samantha Gromko Office Associate II
Traci Oden Administrative Associate
Beva Dominga Toner Office Associate II