The Division of Laboratory Medicine engages in clinical service, medical research, and teaching. It oversees the analysis of components of blood, urine, body fluids, and tissue used for the diagnosis and management of disease. Approximately 5.2 million tests are conducted annually for the UAB Health System.

The division also offers outreach services to the UAB Health System Clinics and to referring physician offices. Its medical and scientific staff is available for consultation regarding appropriate laboratory testing, coagulation, and blood banking (24 hours per day). The division has 15 full-time faculty members with MD and/or PhD degrees. It also offers a one-year fellowship in blood banking and transfusion medicine. 

All sections of the UAB Hospital Laboratories are automated and integrated with the UAB Hospital information systems, and test results can be reported at remote sites. Division laboratories are accredited by CAP, AABB, JCAHO, CLIA, and ICC and are examined by internal and external quality assurance programs.

Special expertise includes: clinical chemistry, toxicology, endocrinology, clinical microbiology, parasitology, mycology, clinical immunology, clinical hematology, coagulation, immune cytopenia, molecular diagnosis, transfusion medicine/blood banking, therapeutic apheresis, flow cytometry, and molecular genetics (in collaboration with the Department of Genetics at UAB).


Director:  X. Long Zheng, M.D., Ph.D.

Benjamin, Jr, William Professor
Bryan, Jr., Allen W. Instructor
Bucy, R Pat Professor
Cao, Wenjing Instructor
Hardy, Robert Professor
Lorenz, Robinna Professor
Marques, Marisa Professor
Moser, Stephen A Professor
Pham, Huy P Assistant Professor
Reddy, Vishnu Professor
Robinson, Jr., Andrew Professor
Smith, John A. Professor
Waites, Ken Professor
Williams, Lawrence Assistant Professor
Zheng, X. Long Professor and Director

Support Staff Name/Email Title
Debbie Martin Administrative Associate
Anita S Estis Office Associate II
Ova Peeples Office Associate II
Reashanda P White Office Associate II