Dear UAB Department of Pathology Friends and Colleagues:

The UAB Department of Pathology is recognized nationally for excellence in biomedical research, undergraduate and graduate medical education, and diagnostic pathology. This rise to prominence has been accomplished through the hard work and dedication of numerous Department of Pathology faculty and trainees who have made UAB a phenomenal environment for pathology education and clinical practice. Several decades ago, the former Departments of Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology of the University of Alabama School of Medicine merged into a single Department of Pathology of the UAB Health System. More than 250 residents have received their graduate training in Pathology at UAB and have gone on to populate the state, region and the nation. In fact, the vast majority of Pathologists in the state of Alabama have received some or all of their training here at UAB. This program of excellence in graduate medical education has been appropriately balanced by a world-class graduate program that has similarly trained generations of scientists who fill academia, industry and government service. Our department has been bolstered in recent years by an ever increasing number of post-doctoral fellows, clinical fellows and junior faculty members who have achieved academic, research, and/or clinical excellence, and ascended to leadership positions at UAB or other institutions.

Please consider making a gift to the Department of Pathology at UAB to support our missions of clinical practice, teaching, research and service. Any amount would be most gratefully received and would be fully deductible*. One could direct it to a particular area of need, to fund current and future endowed professorships or create new awards, prizes or similar recognition opportunities to honor yourself, a family member, a favorite professor, etc.

We would be pleased to assist you and your professional advisors in including the UAB Department of Pathology in your estate plan or in exploring other giving strategies. A simple tear off sheet is found below.

* One should always check with their tax advisor.

Thank you for your serious consideration of this request.

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