Getting Started

Getting Started

1)    We may be reached by phone to request a biopsy kit at 934-4977.

2)    Handling of biopsy specimens:

  • When the clinical diagnosis includes a vesiculobullous disease, it is suggested that the biopsy specimen be divided into two parts to include one specimen in formalin fixative for routine examination and one specimen in Michelle’s solution for direct immunofluorescent studies.  (We supply both media free of charge)
  • We are capable of processing soft tissue as well as hard tissue and both types of tissue can be submitted in formalin fixative.
  • If more than one site is biopsied (i.e. multiple wisdom teeth, left and right buccal mucosa) each specimen should be placed in a separate bottle.
  • If submitting teeth with soft tissue attached, you may send the complete specimen; we will separate and submit the soft tissue and retain the dental hard tissue in formalin, unless it is specified otherwise in the request form.
  • You may print a request form and a billing form by clicking here to give to the patient at the time of biopsy.  The same request form may be used for submitting specimens for both direct immunofluorescence and HPV testing.

3)    There is 48 hour turn around policy from the time the specimen completes the laboratory processing.  Some cases may require longer if special stains or decalcification are needed.  The clinician will be notified by phone of any delays or special procedures required on the specimen.  You may also request to be contacted by e-mail only.

4)    All pathology services will be billed directly to the patient or the medical insurance company.  We accept Medicare and Medicaid insurance assignment.