Pathology and Laboratory Services

UAB Laboratory & Pathology Services represent the Laboratory Outreach functions at UAB Medicine.  Outreach Laboratories actively support the UAB Mission of providing laboratory analysis of exceptional value and support for clinical and research studies.  The support is manifested through numerous Outreach Clinics and Research partnerships.  For details, visit

The Outreach area is located at the 2nd floor Spain Wallace Building, Room S299.  Professional and technical consults may be obtained at 205-975-8100 or 800-287-0122.

The Outreach office is open seven days a week with the following contacts for specific questions (M-F 8:00-5:00):

Outreach Supervisor:  205-934-6440

Research Account Specialist:  205-975-8103

UAB Clinic Supervisor:  205-975-8108

Additional Outreach questions:

Dr. Bruce Alexander - 205-934-4303
Kuruvilla George- 205-975-0045