On April 29, Dr. George Netto hosted an all-day Pathology Faculty Retreat at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Mountain Brook.  The purpose of the  retreat was “to synergize and align the department around a common vision and key strategic areas”. A total of 84 people (faculty members from all divisions and department administrators) actively participated in a variety of discussions led by Dr. Netto and Dr. Jean Ann Larson, UAB Leadership Development Officer.  There were updates from the division directors, a session on communication styles based on the faculty data of the DISC personality test, and breakout sessions in the afternoon.  The topics of the breakout sessions were: #1:  Identify mechanisms to synergize research between bench scientists and clinicians (facilitated by Drs. Upender Manne and Deniz Peker); #2: Develop a strategic plan to further enhance our national leadership in research (facilitated by Drs. Rakesh Patel and Long Zheng); #3: Incentive plans and clinical enterprise (facilitated by Dr. Netto), and #4: Leadership Communications (facilitated by Dr. Larson).  It was obvious by the level of participation and engagement, that the retreat was a huge success.  At the end, all were invited for a reception in the hotel’s art gallery and courtyard, where these pictures were taken.

Picture Gallery