We are pleased to announce the institution of a new, annual teaching award for trainees in the UAB Department of Pathology: the Outstanding Teaching Award for Multidisciplinary and Medical Student Education. Pathologists have a long tradition of being the teachers in medicine, and it remains one of our most important roles. Therefore, this award will be given to the resident or fellow who demonstrates the greatest commitment to the multidisciplinary teaching of fellow residents and trainees, in Pathology and other clinical disciplines in medicine, and, to UAB Medical Students. The institution of this award was inspired by the life, work, and philosophy of Benjamin Solomon Carson, Sr., MD, a pre-eminent pediatric neurosurgeon who rose from dire poverty to become an accomplished physician and educator, and who has been director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, for over 25 years. Dr. Carson is one of a few dozen “Living Legends” recognized by the Library of Congress, and a recipient of the highest recognitions in the U.S., including the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Dr. Carson reminds us that if one values one’s education and inspiration received from mentors during the process, then one steps up to provide it to others, through example, teaching, and, in particular, scholarship awards.

A significant component of winning this award will include validation of the trainee’s efforts in the education and inspiration of UAB Medical Students to learn pathology and to appreciate its fundamental and ongoing role, as a cornerstone of medical practice and research. Thus, nominations must include contributions from, if not originated by, UAB Medical Students, but nominations and letters of support may also come from other trainees in Pathology and clinical practice disciplines. Nomination packets should include a brief cover letter, and two letters of support. A third letter of support may be elicited from a Pathology Department faculty. Eligibility will not be dependent upon year of training. The award will include a cash prize of $250.00, and the first winner will be announced at the Residents’ and Fellows’ Farewell Reception in May 2014.

The award selection committee will consist of Dr. Ona Faye-Petersen, Dr. C. Bruce Alexander, and chief residents from Pathology, and the presidents from the first and second year UAB Medical Student classes. Nominations, including scanned, signed letters of support, should be sent, via electronic mail, to Dr. Faye-Petersen (onafp@uab.edu), by April 5, 2014.

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