Residents and fellows are paid according to the University Hospital stipend schedule. For the 2017-18 fiscal year, the salary for a PGY1 is $51,583. Salaries are adjusted each May by the University Hospital.

Residents and fellows receive 15 working days of vacation per year.

Sick Leave
Residents and fellows are entitled to 15 sick days per year.

Administrative Leave
Administrative leave may be granted for the presentation of papers/posters at national society meetings and for attending such meetings without presentation. Maximum administrative leave is two weeks per year.

Book/Travel Fund
Residents receive $1000 per year for books and/or travel. These funds are to be used for books, e-books, question banks, and travel that enhance academic achievement.

Presentation Expenses
The department may provide funds, over and above the book/travel fund to cover expenses when a resident is presenting a paper or poster at a national meeting. Covered expenses include travel, hotel for day before and day of presentation, and registration fees. Advance permission is required.

Lab Coats/Scrubs
Lab coats and scrubs are provided.

Parking for Residents is covered 100 percent.

Medical malpractice insurance is provided. Group health insurance plans are available and premiums are payroll deducted.