Resident progress is evaluated yearly by the Program Director and focuses on an appropriate level of progress toward development of adequate preparation for the professional tasks of consulting in Anatomic Pathology or Clinical Pathology. Within each rotation, residents are given monthly written evaluations which include an assessment in the following areas:

  • Pathology Skills
  • Reliability with Skills
  • Initiative
  • Accuracy of diagnosis/differential diagnosis
  • Clinicopathologic correlation
  • Conference presentation
  • Use of laboratory resources in the investigation of material
  • Professional attitude
  • Attainment of graduated responsibility
  • Achievement of competence level compatible with level of training
  • Peformance adequate to receive credit toward board eligibility for this rotation

At the conclusion of each rotation, residents are asked to evaluate the rotation in regard to the following:

  • Overall learning Experience
  • Assistance by faculty staff
  • Assistance by technical staff
  • Rotation organization
  • Rotation conferences
  • Subspecialty consultation
  • Service deficiencies
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Responsibility appropriate to training