Current Announcements


Dr. Gregory Friedman, Hematology/Oncology, is committed to improving therapies for children with brain cancer.  (7/2014)

Dr. Paola Mendoza, Rehab Medicine, received the Samuel L. Stover Excellence in Teaching award from the UAB PM&R residents.

Dr. Prescott Atkinson has been elected Vice Chair-Elect of the American Board of Allergy & Immunology; and also as Vice Chair of the Allergy & Immunology Program Directors Assembly Executive Committee for 2014.

Congratulations to Roger Berkow, MD, recently retired from the UAB Department of Pediatrics, for his reception of a 2014 Special Recognition Certificate from the American Academy of Pediatrics Education Award Subcommittee recognizing his contributions to Education. 

Dr. Melissa Peters has been chosen by the Administration on Children, Youth and Families to receive the 2014 ACYF Commissioner’s Award for outstanding service in child protection in Alabama.

Dr. J.R. Hartig, Associate Professor and MedPeds Residency Program Director, has been selected as the 2014 recipient of the UAB President Award for Excellence in Teaching. Pediatrics congratulates him on achieving such exceptional excellence as an educator!

Congratulations to Dr's David Bernard and Melissa Peters, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, for passing their Child Abuse Subboard exam.

UAB, Children’s of Alabama working to advance pediatric research

Forty-nine UAB Department of Pediatrics Doctors on the 2013 Best Doctors of America list. (published December, 2013)

Stagno receives President’s Medal - UAB Medicine Article, December 2013.

New UAB Password and Passphrase Standards

Dr. David Kimberlin, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, has joined the working group of coalition researchers who will prepare for engagement with NIH to align the new pediatric research bill (signed by President Obama on November 27th) with the priorities of NICHD.

Scott James. MD,
Pediatric Infectious Diseases, has been selected to receive the 2014 Journal of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society Ralph D. Feigin Apprenticeship Award. 

Crayton Fargason, MD
Dr. Fargason was appointed a panel member to serve a four year term on a new study section, Healthcare Safety and Quality Improvement Research (HSQR) by The Division of Scientific Review Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.  In addition, he also passed the Clinical Informatics certification exam in December, 2013.

Dr. William Britt
Dr. Britt, Professor of Pediatrics, has been appointed Chair of the Clinical Research and Field Studies of Infectious Diseases Study Section at the Center for Scientific Review, National Institutes of Health.

Brian Sims, M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Sims, assistant professor of pediatrics and cell, developmental and integrative biology, has been recognized with the 2013 Graduate Dean's Award for Excellence in Mentorship. His nominator says, “Dr. Sims constantly motivated us to elevate and exceed our goals. He always remained optimistic and pushed us to never lower our goals when faced with obstacles and difficulties. In the past, when I have thought about quitting or exploring easer roads, Dr. Sims always took the time to sit down and talk to me to help me regain my focus.”

Drs. Ashraf and White
Drs. Ambika Ashraf Pediatric Endocrinology, and Marjorie Lee White, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, have been selected to the PREP Editorial Board as writers for their specialties. 

Dr. Hussein Abdullatif
Dr. Abdullatif is the recipient of two Argus Awards from the Class of 2014 - Best MS2 Organ Module and the Dale J Benos Award for Best Module Director.


Congratulations to the 2013-2014 Dixon Fellows:
  • Franco Diaz, MD, Critical Care
  • Jegen Kandasamy, MD  - Neonatology
  • Sara Oliver, MD - Infectious Disease
  • Chrystal Rutledge, MD  – Critical Care
  • Ammar Saadoon, MD - Pulmonology

Winners of the CHIF Travel Award for 2014
Jessica Brown and Rebekah Savage
These fellows had the highest attendance for the 2013 -2014 CHIF sessions. In recognition, the Department will cover their expenses to attend a scientific meeting of their choice within the continental United States covering meeting fees, transportation and lodging. 

Winners of the CHIF Travel Award for 2013:
Drs. Jasmine Pagan and Ammar Saadoon
These fellows had the highest attendance for the 2012-2013 CHIF sessions. In recognition, the Department will cover their expenses to attend a scientific meeting of their choice within the continental United States.


2014 Resident Awards

    Quarterback Club Subspecialty Education Award - 
    Zachary LeBlanc, M.D.- Hematology/Oncology

    Sergio Stagno, M.D. Friend of the Housestaff Award -
    Amanda Soong, M.D.

    Ralph E. Tiller, M.D. Distinguished Faculty Award - 
    Amanda Soong, M.D.

   Michele St. Romain Housestaff Award -
   Megan Brennard, M.D.

   2013-2014 LaRussa Interns of the Year- 
   Christina Inman, M.D. and Adam Scott, M.D.

Former UAB Pediatric Resident, Maha A. Almuneef, M.D., Founder and Executive Maha Al Muneef 3-2014Director, National Family Safety Program, has been awarded the U.S. State Department Woman of Courage Award for her work to spread awareness about domestic violence and victims of child abuse. Dr. Almuneef is an advisor to the Shura Council in Saudi Arabia and a physician, she is a dedicated public advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, shepherding new laws and policies through the Saudi system. She not only worked with hospitals to change protocols for victims of rape and abuse, but helped to create new police procedures for handling cases as well as special training programs for medical personnel and law enforcement. 
Dr. Al Muneef was recently interviewed for the UAB Medicine Magazine.  To read the article, click here.

Dr. J.R. Hartig, Associate Professor and MedPeds Residency Program Director, has been selected as the 2014 recipient of the UAB President Award for Excellence in Teaching. Pediatrics congratulates him on achieving such exceptional excellence as an educator!

We are pleased to announce the selection of Drs. Hugh Cheek, Adolfo Molina and Erinn Schmit as our Pediatric Co-Chief Residents for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Congratulations to our 2013 graduating residency class for having a 100 percent Board pass rate! The UAB Pediatrics Residency Program is proud of having a 98 percent Board pass rate for the last three years.
The UAB Pediatric Residency Program appreciates our faculty for the outstanding teaching and support that contributes to the successful education of future pediatricians.

Congratulations to John Kelleher, MD, former UAB Pediatric Resident and Neonatology Fellow, for having his article named one of the Top 10 Articles in Pediatrics for 2013 (from NEJM journal watch) for the Wipe study.

Megan Yanik, MD
CONGRATULATIONS to Megan Yanik, a 2nd year Pediatrics Resident, who has been chosen for the 2 year position as the AAP liaison to the AMA for residents and fellows.  This means that she will be representing all pediatric residents and fellows to the AMA.  This is a great honor and responsibility! 
Drs. Clay Cohen, Cassandra Smola and Nicki Sims have been selected as Pediatric Co-Chief Residents for the 2014-2015 academic year.

2013 Resident Awards

    Quarterback Club Subspecialty Education Award -
Leslie Rhodes, M.D.- Critical Care

    Sergio Stagno, M.D. Friend of the Housestaff Award -
Hussein Adbullatif, M.D. and J.R. Hartig, M.D.

    Ralph E. Tiller, M.D. Distinguished Faculty Award -
Cason Benton, M.D.

   Michele St. Romain Housestaff Award -
   Adam Johnson, M.D.

   2012-2013 LaRussa Interns of the Year-
   Kathleen Richard, M.D. and Adolfo Molina, M.D.



UAB cardiologists implant subcutaneous defibrillator in first Alabama patient

Celebrating one of "our own," congratulations to Stephanie Meadows, this year's Susan D. Marchase Outstanding Woman Administrator.  To see the announcement, click here.

Simulation training takes giant step forward

Stagno receives President’s Medal - UAB Medicine Article, December 2013.

Faculty become students during simulation training - UAB Medicine Article, December 2013.

Cribbs Named Director of New Heart Program

UAB Healthcare Leadership Class of 2014 Selects Two Pediatricians
Congratulations to pediatric Drs. Reed Dimmitt and Mark Prichard who have been selected to participate in the HLA Class of 2014.  

2013 Pediatric Argus Award Nominees & Winners:
  • Dr. Hussein Abdullatif awarded the Caduceus Club Award for Best Clinical Instructor (Birmingham)Dr. Abdullatif was also nominated Best Lecturer in the Endocrine Module.
  • Dr. Hughes Evans Nominated for Best Lecturer in Patient Doctor Society
  • GI Drs. Kirk Thame & Catherine Fuller, Directors - Nominated for Best MS1 Organ Module
  • Dr. Kirk Thame nominated Best Lecturer in the Gastrointestinal Module
  • Pediatrics nominated Birmingham Best Department
  • Pediatrics nominated Tuscaloosa Best Department2013_Award_-LatifKara_Graves__Berkow_Stagno
Kara Graves is the 2013 Palmisano Award recipient. The award was presented by Drs. Hussein Abdullatif, Roger Berkow and Sergio Stagno. 

Mackenzie Wilson and Kay Rainey are the Department's 2013 Cunningham Memorial Research Program, Ms. Wilson worked with Dr. Wally Carlo, Neonatology, on her project entitled Neonatal Death in Developing Countries: Causes v. Timing.   Ms. Rainey worked with Dr. Leon Dure, Neurology, on her project, Parents’ attitudes toward pediatric genetic testing and incidental finding.

2013 Society for Pediatric Research Awards:
  • Reed Dimmitt, MD, Pediatric Gastroenterology, elected President of SSPR
  • The Abbott Pediatric Educator Award was presented to Dr. Sergio Stagno for his outstanding work and years of dedication to Pediatric Medical Education.
  • Annalise Sorrentino, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, was thanked for her two year tenure as an SSPR Council Member.
  • SSPR Awards were presented to the following DOP faculty and fellows:
    • Chris Restrepo, MD, Ped. Emergency Medicine Fellow, and Ariel Salas, MD, Neonatology Fellow - Young Investigator Award finalists.
    • Tracy Hwangpo, MD, Allergy and Immunology Fellow, and Alain Cuna, MD, Neonatology Fellow - Trainee Travel Award recipients.
    • Lauren Nassetta, MD, Hospital Medicine - SSPR Young Faculty Travel Award.
    • Jud Barber, MD, Ped. Emergency Medicine, is a new SSPR Council Member.


Grant News

Dr. Gregory Friedman recently won a $40,000 Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research (Rally) and Vs. Cancer Foundation grant to support his research to fight brain cancer in children. Click here to see the article.

Dr. Namasivayam Ambalavanan, Neonatology, has received an NIH U01 award in the amount of $740,050 for the project "Alveolar DevMAP." The project period is 06/15/2014 – 04/30/2019.

Dr. Tim Beukelman, Pediatric Rheumatology, has been awarded a new U34 NIH Cooperative Agreement for his project, "The Effectiveness of Methotrexate to Prevent Extension of Early Limited JIA" in the amount of $356,864.

Dr. Rich Whitley, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, and UAB will lead in the establishment of the Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development Center (AD3C), funded by an up to $35 million, five-year grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  See full article here.

Michele Kong, MD, has been awarded a K08 grant for her project "Matrix Metalloproteinase Driven Lung Inflammation in RSV disease" in the amount of $118,344 for the period: 05/01/2014 – 04/30/2019.

The National Institutes of Health has awarded a grant in the amount of $6,270,702 to Dr. Rich Whitley, PI, for the "Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development Center - Overall."  The Award covers the period 03/01/2014 – 02/28/2019. 

2014 KPRI Recipients:
Rud Polhill Grant for Senior Faculty:
Thomas Howard, MD, Pediatric Hematology Oncology                          "A Common Sickle Cell Database to Enhance Sickle Cell Disease Research and Quality Improvement"
Junior Faculty Grants
Michael S. Stalvey, M.D.,
Pediatric Endocrinology
"Characterization of Glucose Regulation in the CFTR Knockout Rat"
Teresa G. Magruder MD, MPH, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine "Striving for Excellence in Pediatric Inpatient Asthma Management; A Closer look at Severe Asthma Exacerbations"
Kristin T. Avis, Ph.D., CBSM,
Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine
"Does Modafinil Treatment for Hypersomnia Reduce Children's Injury Risk?"
Shannon A. Ross, MD-PI,
Sara Oliver, MD Co-Investigator
Pediatric Infectious Diseases

"Cytomegalovirus in the perilymph of patients undergoing cochlear implantation"
Robert T. Russell, MD, MPH,
Pediatric Surgery
"Characterizing Acute Traumatic Coagulopathy after Severe Pediatric Trauma"
Jeffery Lebensburger, MD
Pediatric Hematology Oncology
"Patient Centered Research to Enhance Transition Education"
Justin Roth, MD
Pediatric Infectious Diseases
"Engineering Tumor Vaccines into Oncolytic HSV"

Dr. Marjorie Lee White
is the recipient of two General Endowment Fund (GEF) Patient Oriented grants from the UAB Health Services Foundation. The first, for her application, "Simulation Infrastructure Expansion for Preclinical Health Professions Students."  The funding amount is $183,000 for the period November 1, 2013 - October 31, 2015. The second grant, "Simulation Infrastructure Expansion for Preclinical Health Professionals," will be funded in the amount of $183,000 for the period November 1, 2013 - October 31, 2015.

Michele Kong Maha, MD,
Critical Care, has received a CF Pilot Grant from the UAB CF Center for $130K over two years.

Masako Shimamura, MD
, Infectious Disease, received an NIH RO1 grant for $1.8M.

Gregory Friedman, MD,
Hematology/Oncology, received a Hyundai Hope on Wheels grant for $250K over two years, and a Rally foundation Grant for $40K for one year.

Wally Carlo, MD,
Neonatology, successfully renewed his NIH Global Network Grant for #3,397,691 over five years.

Tina Simpson, MD,
General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, received an ADPH - PErsonal Responsibility Education Grant for $132K for one year.

Kristin Avis, PhD,
Sleep Medicine, received a ResMed Foundation grant for $84K for one year.

Matt Stoll. MD,
Rheumatology, received and American College of Rheumatology grant for $375k over three years.

Drs. Matt Stoll and Randy Cron,
Rheumatology, were named Co-PI's on a NIH P60 grant (Chuck Elson, PI, Microbiology) for $950k over five years.

2013 Founder's Fund Recipients Announced:

Pediatric Faculty Development
PI: Dr. Annalise Sorrentino, MD
Teaching Residents how to Diagnose, Treat and Manage Pediatric Patients with Diabetic Ketoacidosis Using Simulation-Based Education
PI: Linnea Larson-Williams, MD
Enhanced Procedural Training for Pediatrics
PI: Katherine Hoops, MD, MPH       
  Premedication Before Intubation in US Neonatal Intensive Care Units: A Survey and Comparison to Practices in UK Neonatal Intensive Care Units
PI: Wesley Jackson, MD
Management of Acute Upper GI Bleeding in Pediatrics
PI: Shital Patel, MD
  Pediatric Research and Academic Pathway
PI: Erinn Schmit, MD and Kathleen Richard, MD
Evaluation of the Utility of Intranasal Lidocaine to Decrease Pain Prior to Intranasal Versed Administration
PI: David Smith, MD and Hugh Cheek, MD
  Breaking Bad News: A Simulation Enhanced Curriculum to Improve Communication Skills in Pediatrics
PI: Michael Barnett, MD, MS