Drs Wally Carlo and Maran Ramani, Division of Neonatology, support training programs in Zambia, DRC, India, Kenya, Pakistan and Guatemala to train local caregivers to provide care to premature babies. 
Dr. Carlo also works in in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

Drs. Jennifer Chambers and Carin Kiser run the International Adoption Clinic, housed in our General Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Division. These physicians have a contract with Lifeline Children’s Services (a local adoption agency) to provide professional evaluations of children living in orphanages in The People’s Republic of China. 

Santiago Borasino, MD, Cardiology Intensive Care Unit - Operation Smile

Committed to advancing clinical care, research, education and advocacy to improve the health of the children of Alabama, the region and the world

The UAB Department of Pediatrics is dedicated to improving the health of children; discovering and applying important new knowledge to improve the outcomes for pediatric disorders; educating patients, families, and health care providers and training the next generation of pediatric providers and leaders in medicine.


We invest in people and programs to fuel new discoveries; we support the careers of pediatric investigators who will discover new knowledge and help us change the outcome for the children of Alabama.


UAB Pediatrics provides comprehensive training programs for all levels of learners. Our clerkship, residency, and subspecialty fellowship programs are among the best in the nation.

Patient Care

For more than 50 years, the partnership between UAB and Children’s of Alabama has provided outstanding care to the youngest, most vulnerable patients and established Birmingham as a nationally renowned center for pediatric medicine.

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