Regional Poison Control Center

The Regional Poison Control Center (RPCC) has been a long term commitment of Children's of Alabama to the citizenry of Alabama since 1958. The RPCC was the 14th center established in the United States, during a time period when serious morbidity and mortality was attributed to poison ingestion in children and adults. Since its inception, the Center engaged in providing the most accurate and rapid poison information to only physicians in the early years and then to both the professional and general public. The RPCC has provided 24/7, toll free access of life saving information since 1978. The RPCC is a fully certified poison center by the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Throughout the years of dedicating substantial resources to developing a quality professional staff, quality assurance programs, data surveillance and research, 800 number access and state of the art informational resources, the RPCC serves the entire State of Alabama as the only certified statewide center by the Alabama Department of Public Health. The center will handle 70,000 or more poison calls per year. A vital component of this quality professional service is a statewide educational program designed to heighten public and professional awareness of the center, to inform parents and caregivers of the best preventive actions, and to provide continuing education for healthcare professionals on the assessment, triage and management of poisoned patients. Advanced Hazmat Life Support courses, grand rounds on topics in clinical toxicology, medical toxicology consultations and other educational/clinical services are provided. Special emphasis is placed upon providing such education and service to rural, traditionally underserved areas of the state. In fact, over the last 4 years, the RPCC has teamed with Healthy Child Care Alabama, a statewide network of public health nurses who are assigned counties in the state to provide preventive health education. The collaboration has resulted in significant increases in the awareness of rural area citizens. The work in primary prevention continues to be an integral component of our center and augments the effectiveness of the informational services provided.

Center staff includes nurse and pharmacist specialists in poison information (certified by national examination and sponsored by the American Association of Poison Control Centers). The management team includes a doctoral credentialed environmental toxicologist managing director, a doctoral credentialed epidemiologist as division director, an emergency medicine boarded pediatrician medical director and a medical toxicology boarded co-medical director. Advanced level consultation is available from this team beyond the initial level of contact to our center staff. Such consultation is provided on a 24/7 basis.
Center leadership includes:

Medical Directors:

  • Dr. Michele Nichols (Professor of Pediatrics UAB School of Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine) and
  • Dr. Erica Liebelt (Professor of Pediatrics UAB School of Medicine, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, and Board Certified Medical Toxicologist
Division Director: Dr. William D. King (Pharmacist and Epidemiologist) (UAB Professor of Pediatrics)

Managing Director: Dr. Ann Slattery (Pharmacist, Clinical and Environmental Toxicologist)

Program Contact:   William D. King RPh, MPH, DrPH

                                   Division Director, Child Safety Institute