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Blank Downloadable Faculty Activity Form (pdf) Internal Department Form completed every other year by faculty and reviewed by Division Director and Department Chairman.

UAB Faculty Promotion and Tenure Link

UAB Faculty Handbook (ed. 8/2011)  (*See Sections 2.15/2.16)

Pediatric Promotion & Tenure Guidelines (REV. 2012)

Sample Request Letter of Support with Return Instructions

Clinical Evaluation Form (only necessary if no teaching evaluations are available)

Teaching Evaluation Form

UAB Standardized Curriculum Vitae Format


2013 Promotions

2013 Appointments Effective 10/1/2013

Santiago Borasino, MD to Associate Professor, Critical Care & CVICU
Joseph Chewning, MD to Associate Professor, Hematology/Oncology
Marilyn Crain, MD to Professor, Infectious Diseases
Stuart Cramer, MD to Assistant Professor, Hematology/Oncology
Nefertiti Durant, MD to Associate Professor, Adolescent Medicine
Leslie Hayes, MD to Associate Professor, Critical Care
Scott James, MD to Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases
Claire Lenker, PhD to Associate Professor,, Pulmonology
Kirk Thame, MD to Associate Professor, Gastroenterology/Nutrition
Susan Walley, MD to Associate Professor, Hospital Medicine
Marjorie Lee White, MD to Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine



The article and template above are a good resource for faculty who are primarily "clinician educators."  As clinician educators prepare their portfolio, the section on documenting scholarship in education is especially helpful.  This article was a product of the Academic Pediatrics Association (APA) and has been accepted for general use through MedEdPortal of the AAMC.  Dr. Annalise Sorrentino is also a great human resource as she has participated in University-wide activities to assist in portfolio development.  She has also worked directly with Dr. Selden, who wrote some of the seminal descriptions. The APA work is specific for clinical medical faculty. It will likely be most helpful when there is opportunity for those preparing portfolios to discuss their packages with more senior faculty. The template may serve as one that could be used for the Promotion packet.