WELCOME to the Department of Pediatrics!!

FAQ for new Faculty Members!

What/ where/ when in the Department Questions:

What or where is Park Place?

Park Place is the building (and parking deck) behind the Benjamin Russell Building on 5th Avenue South between 15th and 16th Street South.  It houses PCC, Adolescent Medicine, CHIPS, Endocrine, IT, PEM and General Pediatrics offices along with a number of other offices.

What is the ACC/Lowder Building?

Ambulatory Care Center/Lowder Building is entered through the green tiled entrance of the Children's hospital located at 1600 7th Avenue South.  This building primarily houses physician offices.  If facing the existing hospital, the Lowder Bldg is to the right.

Where can I get coffee in the morning?

Coffee and cappuccino are available in the Doctor's Dining Room in the morning.  Expresso is available at Origins, the little café by the 1st floor elevator in the Lowder Building - open for breakfast and lunch. 

Where do people eat lunch around here?

Many of the physicians eat in the Doctor's Dining Room on the first floor of the McWane Building.  The Cafeteria is also located on the first floor across from the Doctor's Dining Room.  A few restaurants are within walking distance:  McAlister's, Moe's, Guthrie's chicken, McDonald's & Burger King.

How do I get access to the Doctor's Dining Room?

Security can give you access to the Doctor's Dining Room - just give them a call and ask them to add this area to your badge access.

How do I get in/out of the parking deck if I forgot my badge?

If you forget your badge, buzz security and explain your predicament; they are fairly forgiving.

Where is the Library?

The Children's Hospital Library is on the first floor adjacent to the Doctor's Dining Room.  The Medical Library (Lister Hill Library) is located adjacent to the Medical School between 7th and 8th Avenue across from Children's Hospital. (This area is in the process of moving.  More details will be available shortly.)

What services are available electronically from the library?

The Children's Hospital has a part-time librarian who can assist you if needed.

Lister Hill Library has MD Consult along with other medical information sites.  You may use your Blazer ID to access many of its services. 

Academic Questions:

What is Morning Report?

Morning Report is held in the Bradley Lecture Center Monday - Friday at 0800.  A Question of the Day (QOD) begins the session at 0755.  All medical staff are welcome!   

What are the current goals of the Department of Pediatrics?
The Department goals can be found here.

Where is information on Promotion?

Access the UAB Department of Pediatrics website http://medicine.uab.edu/Peds/. On the left side of this page is a heading "Faculty Development" with Promotion being one of the sections. 

What are the routine conferences on campus for Pediatrics?

Pediatric Grand Rounds is held every Thursday in the Bradley on the 4th floor at noon. Dr. Stephanie Berger is the coordinator.

CHIF (Children's Hospital Investigative Forum) is held on the first and third Fridays of the month in the Bradley on the 4th floor at noon.  Dr. Ambal is the coordinator.

What internal grant funding is available on campus?

Founder's Funds are small educational grants available through the Pediatric Residency Program, to be applied for by May 1.  Awards are announced June.

Several grants are available locally with opportunities e-mailed frequently.

Around Town Community questions:

Places to eat:

Birmingham Originals listing                                    http://www.birminghamoriginals.org/


Points of Interest:

Alabama Sports Hall of Fame      323-6665                  www.ashof.org

Barber Motorsports Park 298-9049                              www.barbermotorsports.com

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute 328-9696                   www.bcri.org

Birmingham Museum of Art         254-2565                  www.artsbma.org

Vulcan Park                              933-1409                   www.vulcanpark.org

Birmingham Rail Road Park                                        http://railroadpark.org/


Birmingham Children's Theatre    458-8181                  http://www.BCT123.org

Birmingham Zoo                         879-0409                 www.birminghamzoo.com

McWane Science Center            714-8300                 www.mcwane.org

Outdoor enthusiast:

Aldridge Botanical Gardens         682-8019                www.aldridgegardens.com

Birmingham Botanical Gardens   414-3900                http://bbgardens.org

Oak Mountain State Park           620-2520                www.alapark.com

Ruffner Mountain Nature Center   833-8264                www.ruffnermountain.org

Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park                   www.tannehill.org