Adolescent Medicine Physicians

Phone: 205-934-5262  or  205-638-9345
Fax: 205-975-6503

Heather Austin, PhD
Assistant Professor
Child and Adolescent Psychology

Nefertiti H. Durant, MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Director of Adolescent Medical Education
Adolescent Medicine

Tina Y. Simpson, MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Adolescent Medicine
Bonnie A. Spear, PhD, RD
Adolescent Nutrition, Sports Nutrition & Weight Management
Medical Director, Adolescent Nutrition Clinic
Co-Director, Adolescent Eating Disorder Clinic
Marsha S. Sturdevant, MD
Adolescent Medicine
Medical Director, William A Daniel Jr. Adolescent Health Center
Medical Director, Adolescent Eating Disorders Clinic
Stephenie B. Wallace, MD, MSPH
Associate Professor
Medical Director, Children's Center for Weight Management