Laura A hugh intubationThe Pediatric Simulation Center was established in 2007 to provide physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, students, and other health care professionals with opportunities to perform common medical procedures and respond to both rare and common Pediatric conditions, along with life threatening emergencies using patient simulators. The Simulation Center creates a safe, realistic environment which allows residents to increase their knowledge, hone their skills, and practice teamwork in the context of simulated patient scenarios.

Interns are introduced to the Simulation Center during orientation with simulated check-out of patients, care of ill children, and procedures including: lumbar punctures, I/O placement, intubations, umbilical line placement, etc. Simulation continues throughout residency during most inpatient months. For example, residents in the PICU (during 2nd year) attend a weekly Critical Care Simulation. Mock codes (using the Simulation Center simulators) are also performed on a monthly basis in various locations around the hospital.

The Simulation Center is always growing. Currently, it has 9 patient simulators ranging from Premie Newborn to Teenager. The Simulation Center is the only pediatric simulation center in the state of Alabama. Over 6,000 health care professionals rotate through each year, and it has educated over 25,000 people to date.

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