Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology


MD, Shanghai Second Medical University, Shanghai, China.

Visiting Scholar, Department of Pathology, Pellegrin Hospital, Bordeaux Second University, France

Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Honors and Awards:
Pilot program, UAB Center for Nutrient-Gene Interaction in Cancer Prevention, NIH Grant.


Research Interests:

Mechanisms of prostate cancer chemoprevention by treatment alone or in combination with genistein, resveratrol and vitamin D.We have demonstrated that dietary genistein protects against prostate cancer in a chemically-induced rat model and protects against spontaneously developing prostate cancer in a transgenic model (TRAMP mice). Recently, dietary components have been found to exert additive or synergistic effects with pharmaceutical agents by modifying different molecular targets.Understanding the mechanism by which dietary components influence the normal prostatic cells in vivo will provide insights into the impact of dietary components in prostate cancer initiation and/or progression. While much has been done with studying dietary compounds in cell lines in vitro, little work ( no work ) has been done in vivo. We are presently investigating sex steroid ,apoptosis and growth factor signaling pathways as mechanisms of action for genistein and vitamin D in vivo.

Selected Publications:

Wang J., Eltoum I.-E. and Lamartiniere C.A. Dietary Genistein Suppresses Chemically Induced Prostate Cancer in Lobund-Wistar Rats. Cancer Letters. 186:11-18,2002.

Fritz W.A., Wang, J., Eltoum, I.E., Lamartiniere, C.A. Dietary Genistein Down-regulates Androgen and Estrogen Receptor Expression in the Rat Prostate. Mol. Cell Endocrin. 186:89-99,2002.

Cotroneo M.S., Wang J., Fritz W.A., Eltoum I.-E., and Lamartiniere C.A. Genistein action in the prepubertal mammary gland in a chemoprevention model. Carcinogenesis. 23 (9):1467-1474, 2002.

Fritz W.A., Cotroneo M.S., Wang J., Eltoum I.-E., and Lamartiniere C.A. Dietary Diethylstilbestrol but not Genistein adversely Affects Rat Testicular Development. J. Nutrition 133: 2287-2293, 2003.

Wang J., Eltoum I.-E. and Lamartiniere C.A. Genistein alters growth factor signaling in transgenic prostate model (TRAMP). Mol. Cell Endocrin. 219: 171-180, 2004.

Jenkins S., Rowell C., Wang J. and Lamartiniere C.A. Prenatal TCDD Exposure Predisposes for Mammary Cancer in Rats.Reproductive Toxicology 23: 391-396, 2007.

Wang J., Eltoum I.-E. and Lamartiniere C.A. Genistein Chemoprevention of Prostate cancer in TRAMP Mice. J. Carcinogenesis6: 3, 2007.

Wang J., Eltoum I.-E. Carpenter M. and Lamartiniere C.A. Genistein Mechanism and Timing of Prostate Cancer Chemoprevention in Lobund-Wistar Rats. (submitted).

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