Alphabetical Listing
Brunner, Robert C, MDBrunnercastle2
Vice-Chair & Associate Professor
Medical Director, Spain Rehabilitation Center
Director, In-Outpatient Clinical Services
Director, Traumatic Brain Injury Program
Associate Chief of Staff UAB Hospital
Dr. Brunner's Bio
CarrCarr, Conley, MD
Assistant Professor
Dr. Carr's Bio
CarterCarter, Mark, DO
Assistant Professor
Director, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at The Workplace
Chen, Yu-Chenying, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Director, National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center
DeSilva, TDeSilvaara, PhD
Assistant Professor
DeSilva Lab
DeVivoDeVivo, Michael J, DrPH
Consultant as Director Emeritus, National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center
FloydFloyd, Candace L, PhD
Associate Professor
Director of Research
Dr. Floyd's Lab
KezarKezar, Laura Brooks, MD castle2
Assistant Director, Residency/GME Training
Associate Dean for Students, UAB School of Medicine
Dr.Kezar's Bio
KirkseyKirksey, Keneshia, MD
Assistant Professor
Director, Spinal Cord Injury Program
KnightKnight, Amy, PhD
Assistant Professor
Mark, Victor W, MD
Associate Professor
Dr. Mark's Bio
McLainMcLain, Amie B, MD castle2
Chair & Professor
Director, Residency/GME Training
Director, UAB SCI Model System
MeullerMueller, Michael, MD
Assistant Professor
The Workplace
Novack, ThomaNovacks A, PhD, ABPP
Director, Psychological Services
Director, UAB TBI Model System
Dr. Novack's Bio
PittsPitts, Anthony C, MD
Assistant Professor
Director, Off Campus Clinical Services
Director, General/Ortho Program
Powell, DanielPowellle, MD
Assistant Professor
RichardsRichards, J Scott, PhD, ABPP
RichardsonRichardson, Elizabeth , PhD
Assistant Professor
Dr. Richardson's Bio
SetliffSetliff, Martin, MD
Assistant Professor
Director, Trauma Rehab Program
TurnleyTurnley, Michelle, MD
Assistant Professor
Director, Occupational Medical Program at The Workplace
Zhou, XiaohuaZhou, MD
Assistant Professor
Director, Stroke Program