Orthopedic Clinic

Orthopedic Rehabilitation serves individuals who have had elective total hip or knee replacements, musculoskeletal trauma, spinal surgery, degenerative joint disease, and chronic spine or joint pain.

Individuals discharged from the inpatient rehabilitation program are seen for follow-up visits to evaluate continued progress made with physical and/or occupational therapy. The goals are for independence in activities of daily living and to maximize the mobility potential on an individual basis. When the maximum home health goals have been met and further needs are present, the individual will be referred for outpatient therapy for continued rehabilitation.

The goal for individuals discharged to an extended care facility for short term stay is for progression to home health in their home and outpatient therapy if needed. Mobility goals are always established with maximum safety as a goal. The progression is wheelchair, walker, quad cane, straight cane, and independent ambulation. Referring physicians are provided reports of individuals progress and consulted promptly should a new medical situation arise.