Poster font should visually organize the poster for the viewer and make it easy to focus on the content. The most important thing is to be consistent with your design choices; all title text should be uniform, and all body text should be uniform.

Choosing a Font Style

The best font to choose for a poster is the most legible font. It is advisable to use conventional, professional fonts such as Times, Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, Verdana, and more.

Should I use bold font?

Bolding the headings is a great way to organize your poster, but be wary of fonts that become difficult to read when bolded.

Should I use italics? It is not recommended to use italics for text that is crucial for the viewer to read; italics should be reserved for footnotes and other non-crucial text.

Should I use color font? Color is another great way to visually organize a poster (Example: Using dark green for the title, dark blue for sub-headings, and black for the body text).

However, make sure the color of your text is easy to read on the background color and from afar. For a more polished looking poster, use colors that compliment each other and do not clash.

Choosing a Font Size

Using font size to denote headings, body text, and important information will visually lead the viewer through the poster. Below is an example of sizes to use for a 36"x 48" poster. Note how the font size goes from largest (title) to smallest (captions). Commonly, the larger your poster is the larger your font will be.

Example of font sizing on a 36"x48" poster:

Title: 85pt.
Authors: 56pt.
Sub-headings: 36pt.
Body text: 24pt.
Captions: 18pt.

As for legibility, the following sizes are a good starting point:

To be legible from 6 feet use 30pt.
To be legible from 10 feet use 48pt.
To be legible from 12 feet use 60pt.
To be legible from 14 feet use 72pt

Pro Tip: If your poster has too much empty space, increase the font and make use of formatting to fill the gaps. If your poster is too crowded, try decreasing the font until you find the right balance between legibility and space to text ratio.

Font & Scaling Your Poster

If the poster you are designing is longer than 56", PPT will make you design the poster at half the size. For half-sized posters, we enlarge the poster to the correct size upon printing.

When designing at half size, be mindful to reduce the font size, images, and other elements accordingly; this may mean dividing the original font size in half, but we encourage you to test font sizes until you find one that works well within the space.

For instructions on designing a poster at half size and scaling information, visit our Accepted Sizes page.