This page will help you create professional looking and well-crafted posters using Microsoft PowerPoint.

How do I set up a poster using PowerPoint?

When designing a poster with PowerPoint all you have to do is design one slide and adjust the paper size. To do this, follow the directions below.

  1. Open a new blank presentation.
  2. Click on File, and select Page Setup.
  3. In the dialog box, enter the width and height of your poster, and click OK. The slide will automatically adjust the orientation (portrait/vertical or landscape/horizontal) based on the input measurements.
  4. Begin designing your poster.

What should I put on my poster?

A poster is a communication tool used to navigate an oral presentation. However, sometimes the poster may have to speak for itself and guide the viewer through the information without a presenter. Due to this, your poster should be well organized and include visual cues that guide the eye.

Posters should have:

  • A large title banner that spans the top of the poster. Should include the title, authors, and affiliations.
  • Blocks of crucial text/information arranged in tiles, columns or rows. Text for scientific posters usually includes the introduction, methods, results, conclusion, references, and images.
  • Visual appeal and solid organization. This encompasses color scheme, font styles, use of space, and other design elements.

For more detailed poster design information and UAB templates, visit our Guidelines page.