We can print any size up to 42" in height by any length. However, PowerPoint has a maximum page size of 56". Therefore, if you need a poster that is larger than 56", set the page size in PowerPoint to exactly half of the finished poster size and then we'll enlarge it 200% when printing. For example:


Poster Size

Page Size
in PPT

   when printed

36" x 48" 36" x 48" 100%
36" x 56" 36" x 56" 100%
36" x 60" 18" x 30" 200%
36" x 72" 18" x 36"
24" x 48"
42" x 56" 42" x 56" 100%
42" x 60" 21" x 30" 200%
42" x 72" 28" x 48"
21" x 36"
42" x 84" 24" x 48"
21" x 42"
42" x 96" 24" x 55"
21" x 48"


We can only enlarge a poster proportionally so be sure the aspect ratio of your page size in PowerPoint matches that of the final poster size. Failure to so may result in a poster that is not printable at the size you need.


If you change the page size after creating the poster, be sure to look over the entire poster very carefully as your layout may have changed. Do not allow text or pictures to hang over the edge of the poster or they will be cropped off.


Note: Any inserted image will now be scaled unproportionally due to the change in page size. (This is why you should set the page size before you begin.) Be sure to fix each image. If using PPT 2003, right-mouse clicking once on the image and then select "Format Picture".  If using PPT 2007, right-mouse click and select “Size and Position”. Click on the "Size" tab if not already selected and make sure the scale percentage is the same for both height and width. (ie: 100% height and 100% width).