The Biomedical Poster Service Center offers the following options in poster size:

  • 36" by any size (28x36, 36x36, 36x54, 36x90, etc.)
  • 42" by any size (30x42, 42x42, 42x56, 42x84, etc.)

Most conferences and poster sessions have poster measurement requirements, so double check that your poster's PowerPoint slide is the correct size before submitting it to the printing center.

Before sending your poster to print, make sure all the text, graphics, and pictures fit on the poster with no less than a half inch of blank space around the edges. Poster content that is hanging off the slide in PowerPoint may be cut off upon printing.

PowerPoint won’t let me select the size I need. What do I do?

Microsoft PowerPoint has a maximum page size of 56", but there are ways to print a poster that is longer than 56”. The easiest way to design a poster longer than 56” is to reduce the poster to half size, and we will enlarge it to the proper size upon printing.

To design a poster at half size, divide the desired size in half, and set the PowerPoint slide to the new measurements (directions on setting slide size on Page Setup).

Be sure your new measurements are proportional to the old measurements. See the graphic below for help on deciding the halved measurements.

Poster Size

Page Size
in PPT

   when printed

36" x 48" 36" x 48" 100%
36" x 56" 36" x 56" 100%
36" x 60" 18" x 30" 200%
36" x 72" 18" x 36"
24" x 48"
42" x 56" 42" x 56" 100%
42" x 60" 21" x 30" 200%
42" x 72" 28" x 48"
21" x 36"
42" x 84" 24" x 48"
21" x 42"
42" x 96" 24" x 55"
21" x 48"

We can only enlarge a poster proportionally, so be sure the aspect ratio of your page size in PowerPoint matches that of the final poster size. Failure to choose proportional sizing may result in a poster that is not printable at the size you need.

Poster Images & Graphics

A poster is a visual aid, so it’s important to ensure your selected images and graphics aren’t pixelated or blurry. For best results, use high resolution pictures (150 DPI or higher).

  • Pro Tip: If you are unsure whether a graphic will be blurry or not, zoom in on the graphic. When zoomed in, if the graphic is blurry it will print blurry.