Oracle Account Numbers:
To ensure that your account is active and can be charged a service center fee, please check with your Department or Division's Business Officer before you use a UAB issued account number.

  • Grant Accounts: Please confirm that the account is active and the entire number is provided for chargebacks (e.g., 310222.01.01.2003361.01)
  • General Accounts: Please provide the entire account string associated with the account (e.g., 3108896.000.213108896.510008000.0000)

Other Forms of Payment:
The only other payment type the poster center accepts is cash.

Cash payments are accepted upon poster pick up. The poster center can provide change for cash transactions, but note that posters are not released until full payment is made.

  • Do I get a receipt for the poster? Yes, posters paid for with cash are given a copy of the poster request form, which can be submitted to your department's business officer for remibursement.