Poster Printing Rates

Costs (based on 2-business days [submitted before 1:00 PM]; see hours of operation):
White Background              $25.00
Color  Background              $35.00
Longer than 56" length       $45.00

    Ex: Submitted on Tuesday morning for a Thursday pick up

We can only take cash payment for tubes at this time. We are not permitted to charge tubes to department accounts (general or grant)

Additional Costs:
1-business day before date needed  (applies after 11:00 AM on day submitted)      $15.00
    Ex: Submitted on Tuesday at 1:00 PM for a Wednesday pick up

Same day printing                                                                                                       $65.00
    Ex: Submitted on Tuesday morning for a Tuesday afternoon pick up. 

NOTE: If applicable, posters submitted after 4:30PM are carried over to the next day pricing.