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Li, L., Shelton, R.C., Chassan, R.A., Hammond, J.H., Gower, B.A., Garvey, W.T. Impact of major depressive disorder on prediabetes by impairing insulin sensitivity. Journal of Diabetes and Meta, 7:462-468, 2016.

Reddy, A., Shelton, R.C., Savage, R., Birur, B. Foreign Accent Syndrome presenting as Conversion Disorder: A rare presentation. Journal of Nature and Science (JNSCI), 2(7):e197,201

Poster Presentations

Rayikanti, R. Combined ECT and Clozapine in an Acutely Psychotic Patient with Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia. Poster presented at: Southern Medical Association's Annual Scientific Assembly, November 3-5, 2016.

Catao, F., Cropsey, K., Froelich, M., Meadors, M., Lentowicz, I., Fargason, T., Hendricks, P., Fargason, R. Belief in active Mixed Amphetamine Salt state but not actual drug assignment improve Cognitive  Performance in Healthy College Students Without ADHD.

Research and Innovations in Medications Education (RIME) Week Posters

 Christiana Wilkins, M.D., Victoria Johnson, M.D., My Hanh Vu, M.D., MPH, Badari Birur, M.D., Stephen Layfield, MS3. Psychosis as sequelae of paraneoplastic syndrom in Small Cell Lung Carcinoma: A psycho-neuro-endocrine interface.

Blessing Falola, M.D., Ellen Amrock, M.D., Michael Falola, M.D., MPH., Rachel Fargason, M.D., Laura Montgomery-Barefield, M.D. Psychiatry Resident Simulation Lab: A Pilot Project

The following were presented at the 2016 UAB Department of Psychiatry and Neurobiology Annual Research Symposium:.

Sex Difference in the Peripheral Immune System in the Face of Depression. Amrock, E., Shelton, R.C., Li, L.

Hippocampus Resting State Functional Connectivity is Abnormal in Unmedi-Cated Patients with Schizophrenia. Butt, A.R., Kraguljac, N.V., White D.M., Hadley, J.A., ver Hoef, L., Lahti, A.C.

Belief in Active Mixed Ampetamine Salt State but not Actual Drug Assignment Improve Cognitive Performance in Healthy College Students without ADD. Catao, F., Cropsey, K., Froelich, M., Meadors, M., Lentowicz, I., Fargason, T., Hendricks, P., Fargason, R.


Documentation of Code Status in Geriatric Psychiatry. Davis, E.R., Redwine, M.B.

Checklist Utilization to Standardize UAB Psychiatry Residency Training Call Ensures a Comprehensive Training Experience: A Quality Improvement Project. Falola, B.N., Amrock, E., Montgomery-Barefield, L., Fargason, R.E.

Clinical and Genetic Predictors of Antidepressant Treatment Response in Star*D Cohort. Falola, M.I., Shelton, R.C.

Medication Changes Following Seclusion/Restrains. Gilani, A., Bukelis, I., Sonnier, L.A., Wallace, M.T., Ascherman, L.I.

Transgenerational Effects of Maternal Separation Stress in Rodents. Hammond, J.C., Timberlake, M., Crawford, C., Prall, K., Dunbar, M., Dwivedi, Y.

Combined ECT and Clozapine In An Acutely Psychotic Patient With Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia (TRS) Rayikanti, R., Lentowicz, I., Birur, B., Li, L.

Foreign Accent Syndrom (FAS) Presenting as Conversion Disorder: A Rare Presentation. Reddy, A., Birur, B., Shelton, R.C.


Correlations between Mental Illness and HIV Risk Behavior in a Community Corrections Population. Rynda, M.L., Cropsey, K.L.

Proton Magnetic Spectroscopy Shows Elevated Striatal Choline Levels in Drug Naive Patients with First Episode  Psychosis. Sivaraman, S., Kraguljac, N.V., White, D., Lahti, A.C.

Understanding Dissemination of Information from the Training Office, GME, and Hospital Administration to UAB Graduate Medical Trainees. Tahora, J.T., Khurram, B., Jackson, T.D., Stein, C., Cajacob, N.J.

Treatment of Schizophrenia with Prominent Catatonia: A Case Report. Wilkins, C., Rayikanti, R., Long, S., Badari, B., Fargason, R.E.

Sensory Reduction of Internal Milieu as a Means of Reducing Physical Restraints in a High-Acuity Inpatient Psychiatric Unit: A Qi Project. Yakov, S., Ghelani, K.J., Bearden, M.F. Aguilar, B.M., Maddox, L., Fargason, R.E., Badari, B.

Changes in Hippocampal Function and Neurochemistry with Ketamine Induced NMDA-Receptor Hypofunction - A Combined Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Resting State Functional MRI Study in Healthy Volunteers. Kraguljac, N.V., Frolich, M.A., Tran S., White, D.M., Reid, M.A., Rayikanti, R., Lahti, A.C.

Transgenerational Effects of Maternal Separation Stress in Rodents. Hammond, J.C., Timberlake, M., Crawford, C., Prall, K., Dunbar, M., Dwivedi, Y.

An FMRI Study of Episodic Memory in Schizophrenia: Effect of Antipsychotic Medication. Gurler, D.G., White, D., Sivaraman, S., Thrower, K., Lahti, A.

Effects of Antipsychotic Medication in Patients with Schizophrenia Using Dynamic Functional Network Connectivity Analysis, Lottman, K.K., Kraguljac, N.V., White., D.M., Morgan, C.J., Calhoun, V.D., Amrock, E., Lahti, A.C.

Intrinsic Brian Connectivity Prior to Administration of Antipsychotic Pharmacotherapy is Related to Treatment Response in Patients with Schizophrenia. White, D.W., Kraguljac, N.V., Martinak, B., Falola, M., Lahti, A.

Honors and Awards

Alabama  Psychiatric Physicians Association (APPA Poster Award, First Place 2015- Blessing Falola, M.D.

Alabama Psychiatric Physicians Association (APPA) Poster Award, Second lace 2015 - Michael Falola, M.D.

Mind Games Team 2016 - Mark Rynda, DO, Kinjal Ghelani, M.D., Soumya Sivaraman, M.D.

PGY-I Highest PRITE: Austin Luker, M.D.
PGY-II Highest PRITE: Michael Falola, M.D.
PGY-III Highest PRITE: Soumya Sivaraman, M.D.
PGY-IV Highest PRITE: Kinjal Ghelani, M.D.