Stipends are renegotiated in July of each year by the UAB House Staff Council and are subject to annual increases over the period of your residency training.  Salaries for the upcoming training year are  indicated on the UAB Graduate Medical Education Web site.

All leave taken is at the discretion of the resident’s program director, who must take into consideration any restrictions on leave established by the certifying board and/or Residency Training Committee for the specialty and the training requirements of the program.

Each program must provide its residents with written, program-specific policies on leave which address the effect of leaves of absence, for any reason, on satisfying the criteria for completion of the residency program. A resident may be required by the program director to complete additional training equivalent to any leave taken in excess of that allowed by the training requirements of the program. Residents must obtain prior approval from the program director, or his/her designee, for all leave, with the exception of emergencies or sudden illness.

For a summary of leave policies established by the Hospital, which generally apply to all residents, except as modified by the policies established by the individual programs refer to the Graduate Medical Education Policies and Procedures Manual.

A comprehensive benefits program is provided for residents enrolled in graduate medical education programs. Fringe benefits are funded by the hospital, or other source of salary support, and provide residents with:

  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Unemployment compensation insurance
  • On-the-job injury/illness program.

Benefits are paid in full by the institution or provided on a cost-shared basis. Additional optional benefits offered at the residents’ expense include:

  • Dental insurance
  • Group life insurance
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Participation in a TIAA/CREF 403(b) retirement plan.

Residents requiring more detailed information can refer to the Graduate Medical Education Policies and Procedures Manual.

Professional Allowance/Education Fund*
 – $125.00/year book allowance and the department will choose and furnish a copy of one major psychiatric textbook.

PGY-II, III, IV – $125.00/year can be applied toward books and/or expenses incurred attending an educational seminar or professional meeting.

*These funds can not be accumulated.

Professional Dues/Fees
The Department provides reimbursement for Alabama License Fees, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) fees, and the USMLE Step 3 exam fee if taken within the first 13 months of training.