Specialization: Substance Abuse, Forensic Psychology

Faculty Title: Associate Professor


  • Graduate School: Indiana State University
  • Internship: Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Forensic Psychology at University of Mississippi Medical Center;
  • Substance Abuse Fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University

Licensure: Clinical Psychologist in Alabama

Certifications: Certified Forensic Evaluator for Commonwealth of Virginia

Patient Populations: Criminal justice and substance abuse populations

Funded Research:

  • 07/09 – 06/14    Principal Investigator, Integrated Smoking Cessation Treatment for Low Income Community Corrections, funded by National Cancer Institute($1.25 million direct, PI: Cropsey; R01CA141663).
  • 07/09 –  03/14    Consultant, Evidence-Based Ethics and Mental Health Research with Prisoners($2.4 million direct, PI: Eldridge; R01MH082872).
  • 07/07 –04/12    Co-InvestigatorHIV, Drugs, and Prisoners: Barriers to Epidemiologic and Intervention Research,funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse ($2.4 mil direct, PI: Eldridge).
  • 05/07 –04/10    Principal Investigator, Relapse Prevention to Reduce HIV Among Women Prisoners, funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse ($275,000 direct, PI: Cropsey; R21DA019838).

Recent Publications:

  • Cropsey, K.L., Jones, S. Jackson, D.O., Hale, G.J. (in press). Smoking characteristics of community corrections clients. Nicotine and Tobacco Research.
  • Cropsey, K.L., Matthews, C.A., Campbell, S., Ivey, S., Adawadkar, S.  Long-term, reversible contraception use among high-risk women treated in a university-based gynecology clinic: comparison between IUD and Depo Provera. Journal of Women’s Health.
  • Jackson, D.O., Cropsey, K.L., Hale, G.J., Weaver, M.F., Villalobos, G.C., Eldridge, G.D., Stitzer, M.L. (in press). Predictors of injection drug use in female prisoners. Substance Use and Misuse.
  • Cropsey, K.L., Hale, G.J., Jackson, D.O., Villalobos, G.C., Stitzer, M.L. (in press). Psychiatric and substance abuse characteristics of smoking and non-smoking female prisoners.  Journal of Behavioral Analysis-Offender and Victim Treatment and Prevention.
  • Lahti, A.C., Weiler, M.A., Holcomb, H.H., Tamminga, C.A., Cropsey, K.L. (2009). Modulation of limbic circuitry predicts treatment response to antipsychotic medication: a functional imaging study in schizophrenia. Neuropsychopharmacology, 34, 2675-90.
  • Hale, G.J., Oswalt, K.L., Cropsey, K.L., Villalobos, G.C., Ivey, S.E., Matthews, C.A. (2009).  The contraceptive needs of incarcerated women. Journal of Women’s Health, 18, 1221-1226.
  • Eldridge, G.D. Cropsey, K.L. (2009). Smoking bans and restrictions in the U.S. prisons and jails: consequences for incarcerated women. Preventative Medicine, S179-S180. DOI information: 10.1016/j.amepre.2009.05.009.
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  • Rhodes, A.G., Taxman, F.S., Friedmann, P.D., Cropsey, K.L. (2008). HCV in incarcerated populations: an analysis of gender and criminality on risk. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 40, 493-501.
  • Taxman, F.S., Cropsey, K.L. Melnick, G., Perdoni, M.L. (2008). COD services in community correctional settings:  An examination of organizational factors that affect service delivery.  Behavioral Sciences & the Law26, 35-55.
  • Cropsey, K.L., Eldridge, G.D., Weaver, M.F., Villalobos, G.C., Stitzer, M.L., Best, A.M. (2008). Smoking cessation intervention for female prisoners: addressing an urgent public health need.  American Journal of Public Health, 98,1894-1901.
  • Wunsch, M.J., Cropsey, K.L., Campbell, E.D. Knisely, J.S. (2008).  OxyContin® Use and Misuse in Three Populations: Substance Abuse Patients, Pain Patients, and Criminal Justice Participants. Journal of Opioid Management, 4, 73-79.
  • Knisely, J., Wunsch, M., Cropsey, K., Campbell, E. (2008). Prescription Opioid Misuse Index:  A Brief Questionnaire to Assess Misuse. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. Jul 25. [Epub ahead of print].
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